❝ Anonymous asked: you wrote morgan instead of mehgan for that last confession

I didn’t send in the confession and I don’t fix them tbh

I’m just now catching up with ASB2 and I’m on the episode where Mehgan takes Shelly’s ball and I gotta say I am PISSED about the way they sent my girl Janelle home. Don’t get me wrong, I get why they did it, they wanted to split up an alliance but at the end of the day, you’d have multiple opportunities to send Janelle home. There is no here say that Mehgan will continue winning the challenges to protect her ass. So why not go for a strong member? They’re kicking out all the easy targets and trying to act like they can take on the tougher members when the truth is, HALF of those girls haven’t won a captain’s challenge YET. So what makes them think kicking out the weaker girls over the stronger girls makes sense? And on top of that, they wanna say that it’s not personal but then they’re cackling like hyenas when the tie between Sarah and Janelle is broken with Janelle. Don’t tell that girl you’re her friend and then laugh at her. These girls are really petty and they play the game really dumb. So WHEN Rocky comes for their asses and WINS I hope they don’t have shit to say because at this point they’re handing her the win. Idiots, I swear.

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